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Critical Animal Studies: Call for book proposals

General Editors: Helena Pedersen and Vasile Stănescu

We are pleased to invite proposals for the book series, Critical Animal Studies, published by Brill. The main goals of the series, which differentiates it from the pre-existing series in the field of animal studies, are that we are particularly looking to publish works that:

(a) focus on ethical issues pertinent to actual animals (as opposed to animals as only metaphors, tropes, or philosophical concepts); i.e. work with a certain normative value;

(b) adopt a broad critical orientation to animal studies, including (but not limited to) work that investigates and challenges the complex dynamics of structural, institutional, and discursive power formations that organize life conditions, relations, and experiences of animals, humans, and the environment alike; work that explores diverse forms and sites of human/animal resistance; work that contributes to current global debates by contextualizing critical animal issues within, for instance, processes of globalization, climate change, and biotechnology; work that intervenes in the animal economy of the production, science, service, experience, and culture industries; as well as work that critically analyzes ideologies, practices and effects of the current animal welfare movement;

(c) bridge boundaries between academic/activist knowledge, between theory/practice, as well as between existing disciplines. Based on this commitment to interdisciplinarity, all work published must be in language that is as clear and accessible to as wide an audience as possible;

(d) contribute to creative, bold, innovative, and boundary shifting knowledge development in critical animal studies.

If we can be of any further help or assistance in discussing projects please do not hesitate to contact either of us via email. Further information and submission guidelines are found on the book series website:

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Helena Pedersen
Stockholm University

Dr. Vasile Stănescu
Mercer University

Vethics for vets

Vethics for vets – Tierschutz und Tiermedizin
Tagung am 17. und 18. September 2015 im Festsaal der Veterinärmedizinischen Universität Wien.

An zwei Tagen werden ReferentInnen aus unterschiedlichen Fachrichtungen zum Thema Ethik und Veterinärmedizin vortragen und es wird Raum zu Diskussion und Austausch geboten.

Bei Interesse bitten wir um verbindliche Anmeldung bis Samstag, den 15. August 2015 unter (ohne Tagungsgebühren). Für die Teilnahme an den öffentlichen Abendvorträgen ist keine Anmeldung erforderlich.

Nähere Informationen werden unter bereit gestellt und laufend aktualisiert.


Tagungsprogramm VETHICS.pdf

Buch: Thinking Through Animals – Identity, Difference, Indistinction von Matthew Calarco

The rapidly expanding field of critical animal studies now offers a myriad of theoretical and philosophical positions from which to choose. This timely book provides an overview and analysis of the most influential of these trends. Approachable and concise, it is intended for readers sympathetic to the project of changing our ways of thinking about and interacting with animals yet relatively new to the variety of philosophical ideas and figures in the discipline. It uses three rubrics—identity, difference, and indistinction—to differentiate three major paths of thought about animals. The identity approach aims to establish continuity among human beings and animals so as to grant animals equal access to the ethical and political community. The difference framework views the animal world as containing its own richly complex and differentiated modes of existence in order to allow for a more expansive ethical and political worldview. The indistinction approach argues that we should abandon the notion that humans are unique in order to explore new ways of conceiving human-animal relations. Each approach is interrogated for its relative strengths and weaknesses, with specific emphasis placed on the kinds of transformational potential it contains.

Matthew Calarco is Associate Professor of Philosophy at California State University, Fullerton.

„Concise, incisive, and written with exemplary clarity, this book provides all of the background necessary to understand the philosophical and political stakes of current debates around the status of animals in relation to humans. It will appeal to non-specialists and specialists alike.“—Brian Massumi, University of Montréal

„A major work of synthesis that makes sense of the already almost unsurveyable field of critical animal studies. Practical and pragmatic, yet carrying a strong theoretical punch, it will be a point of reference for future discussions in the field.“—Eduardo Mendieta, SUNY Stony Brook

„Surveying the disparate and sometimes rocky terrain of animal studies from Aristotle through Haraway with grace and insight, this little book synthesizes an abundance of material, movements, and positions in a breathtaking, not to mention extremely helpful, manner.“—Kelly Oliver, Vanderbilt University

Stanford University Press

June 2015 88pp 9780804794046 PB 9.99 GBP